President: David Huff

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Over the last few years, David has organized in the Phoenix/Tempe area as an openly bisexual student democratic activist at Arizona state university. From working on staffto elect candidates such as former EQAz President Kevin Patterson for Phoenix City Council, Rep. Aaron Lieberman and Rep. Kelli Butler, David understands the importance of electing Pro-LGBTQ policy candidates in the state of Arizona. In addition to David's campaign activities, he has served as the president of ASU Young Democrats, Executive Committee member of the Maricopa County Democratic Party, Secretary of the Arizona Democratic Party LGBTQ Caucus, and current President if the Young Democrats of Arizona, Executive Committee member of the Arizona Democratic Party, and Western Regional Director for College Democrats of America. David hopes to use his political campaign and party resources to support Equality Arizona's mission of fulfilling rights to all LGBTQ+ Arizonans. To connect with YDAz, contact David Huff at

National Committee Member

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Sage Taylor is the National Committee Member of Young Democrats of Arizona. Sage has previously served as the interim president of YDAz, Executive Vice President, and President of the NAU Young Democrats. Growing up in Prescott, Arizona, Sage started her career by being an assistant at three different law practices. At NAU, Sage is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminology. After multiple campaign internships and a job as Lead Canvasser for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, Sage was elected to her current positions at 17 years old. Sage looks forward to the work that YDAZ will do for the state, and is excited for what is to come for Young Democrats everywhere.

Executive Vice President

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Chris Fernandez is a fifth year senior studying political science and spanish at the University of Arizona. Through first-hand experience, Chris became increasingly concerned with the status of healthcare and labor policy, and moreover how these and other policies, including immigration, continually affected those in his community. He became motivated to become involved in government in politics as a volunteer for 2016 candidates, and has continued his activism on and off campus. Chris has served as an intern for Congressman Grijalva’s district office, interned on the hill in Washington DC, and as a fellow for Organizing Corps 2020. In addition to his current role with YDAz, he is an At-Large Officio member of the University of Arizona Young Democrats.

Political Director: Dylan Hendle

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An Arizona native, Dylan Hendel was motivated to become involved in politics as a public high school student. Growing up during difficult times in Arizona’s political landscape and seeing the impacts of SB 1070, SB 1062, and the school funding crisis, a simple interest grew into a love for making local, progressive change in the Grand Canyon State. In 2018 Dylan took a brief hiatus from his studies at Arizona State University to serve as a field organizer in LD 28 to elect Representatives Kelli Butler and Aaron Lieberman, where he also nearly elected his former high school English teacher, Christine Marsh, to the state Senate. Most recently, he was a legislative intern for Creosote Partners, Arizona’s progressive lobbying firm, where he gained knowledge concerning criminal justice policy and voting rights issues. Committed to protecting Arizona’s unique desert environment and funding our public schools, Dylan hopes to utilize his experience in political advocacy to mobilize communities and advance good public policy that ensures equity and opportunity for all Arizonans. 

In his spare time, Dylan enjoys hiking across Sedona’s majestic red rocks, reading about Arizona history and politics, and learning about the intricacies of water and utility law. He currently serves as a Co-Chair of Political Outreach for the Arizona Democratic Party’s LGBTQ Caucus and will begin a fellowship with Arizona Leading for Change this fall. 

Vice President of Finance:

Secretary: Gabby Varela

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Gabriella is a Junior studying Geography at ASU and is currently serving as Secretary for YDAZ. Issues that matter to her most include public education improvements and reducing environmental waste. She is currently the Executive Vice President for ASU Young Democrats and is a part of ASU Alexander Hamilton Society. Outside of school, you can always find her hiking or petting her dogs.

Treasurer: Cameron Adams

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Cameron is a second year student at ASU, majoring in Global Studies with a minor in Spanish, where she is also the treasurer for the ASU chapter of Young Democrats. She is very excited to serve as the 2019-2020 Treasurer for the Young Democrats of Arizona. Public education, gun law reform, and immigration policies are some of the issues that Cameron is most passionate about. Growing up in Tempe, she first got involved in the Arizona political world by volunteering for several causes and registering voters at her high school. She most recently worked on the campaign for the Legislative District 18 candidates for the State Legislature. Cameron is looking forward to working with the other YDAZ board members to create positive change before the 2020 election cycle!